xeo is applying (from 4/04/2020 officially) for the following jobs:

(given a future human culture provides a means to realize these positions)

  • Civilizatory Dream Engineer and R&D Management
  • Neutral Future Engineer and CEO of transparency office
  • Universal Reality Engineer for Life-friendly physics
  • They also apply for Funding (explanation below)

They do so with a meta-argumentation about systems design of language and concepts about reality that is subset or superset of all xeo systems excluding (in future) the neutral, universal, peacekeeping, civilization and transparent systems. Their CV will be completed throughout time on this page. As the layout description for the cultural setting that is capable to provide these job positions is inherently bound to development and availability of an implementation of the neutral system with a central voting hub (network/system) – they claim preliminary (approbation) assuming of these positions. However their prime directive is to pass on these positions to individuals and/or groups that are more suited for the theoretical job descriptions. They will be accessible on the respective pages in the future.