Agency Services

We represent xeo as an artist and for all legal matters outside the system. We'll be operational whenever support for xeo was sufficient to build so that xeo can focus on

Media Access

All content of xeo is released open and can be chosen for development by users and supporters on


xeo provides inventive and creative Problem Solving (complex system modelling, design and optimization) services.


Xeo provides Consulting, DJ'ing and presentations about their projects. Aside accomodation they work free of charge.


xeo released the concept of a literal internet. Primary Strategy Layout is the SciFu concept and kea - Gamification theory.

Curriculum Vitae

xeo started working as xeo on the XERO metasystem in February 2020. It is based on 16 months intense research about higher order logic for system modelling and algorithmic architecture design. The entire theory is not formalized in text but you can support xeo and vote for content of your preference on xeo studied cognitive science, applied systems science and biophysics at University of Osnabrueck. Due to health related issues they are independent researcher since 2018. After launch of Xeo Dream Design (UG) during April we will expand our services and provide direct communication means. For now see any infos about xeo on Applications Page.

Current Research

Version 0.4 of the masterplan, rendered and compiled by xeo. Have a look at the background at for background and further development. The first implementation of the masterplan is supposed to be the zero build (

Small preview of the development

Future Complexity Culture Research Art